How to Get Started

1. Contact the person who have invited you to CF-Wellness because he/she has the ID number placing you under his genealogy or downlines. But if you just found this opportunity today and would like to join our team, we will be glad to give you the best support we have. You can simply send us an email to

2. Next is to fill up the form and purchase product package. Ask the counter to write down your validation code on your receipt or form. Your validation code is important because it will be use when you submit your information on CF-wellness website. If you don't have it, you can't sign up.

3.Go to website then click on My Accounts. Simply fill up the sign up form with your information. Be sure to check twice your Sponsor and Placement account number.

4. Once you've successfully sign up. Look for your Account Number and take note of it or write it down in a piece of paper.This will serve as your unique identifier that you are the owner of this account and all sign ups that uses this number will be part of your network.

5. You can now start selling your product to your friends, co-workers and colleagues. You may now also start inviting them on this business to increase your potential earnings.

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