Marketing Strategy

On this page, the team will discuss marketing strategy on how to increase sales and build their downlines. We will also provide tips and guides on how to help their downlines the healthy way. 

CF-wellness Unlimited products are incredibly the most popular today because all products are highly produced naturally without any synthetics added. The product is excellent then it won't be hard to sale them. All you have to do is to make a well plan marketing strategy to increase your sales as well as help your network grow.

Lets get things started, shall we:

1. Marketing Materials

Any type of business needs to have materials for marketing to promote their product. Even large company's such as Globe, SMART, and PLDT do have tons of marketing materials distributed and promoted by their agents. Remember this are already a well established company but why they still have to promote their products using flyers, banners and other sort marketing materials. The answer is simple, because this is how business works.

Below is a sample of marketing materials. You may create or improve it.

AD 1: Use tarpulin to print this type of AD. Two by two feet.

AD 2: Use long bond paper to print this AD.

Flyers: Use short size bond paper and cut them into 4 parts. This is just a sample.

Those are just sample ADS that you can write into your marketing materials. If you want this type of marketing materials. Please send us email at

2. Hire someone to sell your products and pay through commission base.

Many are unemployed and many want to earn some money. So why not give them a job by selling your product and pay them through commission. Be generous on giving commission because you're not doing the work anymore. For example if you're selling P150/box of Micswell cafe, then why not give him P20 commission for every box he sold.  

3. Offer your product to other store and give them the best deal ever.

Think of how many stores that you can offer for this product that you can sell for a very cheap price. Like for example, give them a special price like P125 / box of Micswell cafe. Another thing, if you think you're to busy doing it, then why not hire someone with good marketing skills to do the job for you. Pay him for every store that he commits. Again be generous to your people, pay him a descent cash for a job well done.

4. Invite friends, colleagues and co-workers without destroying your friendship and trust.

Be honest and truthful when you tell them about this business. Tell them everything you know or be transparent to them. Don't tell them that you can be rich right a way, instead tell them that this is a long term business that both of you can make some descent income if you work together. If he doesn't like to do business then do not force them instead understand their decision.

5. Try to send personal messages on social networks like Facebook, Friendster or TAG.  

This would be the most inexpensive way to market and so start sending personal messages to your network of friends. Try this sample personal message and tagged them.


Kumusta naman ka?

Naa koi gibaligya nga sabon nga Gluta, basin ganahan ka mo try miga. Hatag rako nimo ug barato.


Those are some tips that you may use to market your CF-Wellness products. Try them out.

Please consider following us to give you more tips and guides on how to increase your network on CF-wellness. Click the follow link at the upper right corner.

6. Plan your network using grouping strategy.

A well plan network will result into an harmonious business relationship with others. You can build your network by implementing the so called Grouping Strategy in which you're going to composed them by group. For example: Left leg will consist of a group of batchmates, Righ Leg will consists of a group of friends and so on.. You'll see how this will give monthly descent income in the long run.

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