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Thank you for visiting our CF Power Team blog website. Our team focuses on helping and building each Filipino to become a successful business man and woman. Our team consists of committed friends, colleagues and workers who are proud to present to you world class Filipino products of CF-Wellness Unlimited.

About CF-Wellness Unlimited:

CF - Wellness Unlimited or Center For Wellness Unlimited is a newly established company that gives each Filipinos the opportunity to start their own business by selling world class health products that are approved by BFAD, SEC and HALAL. They offer a very small starting capital of 1,500 Pesos which includes the products and membership to anyone who wish to start their own business.

Aside from selling products, CF-Wellness has an exceptional compensation plan for its members. They give rewards and profit sharing at the end of the month. For example, they'll reward P150 for those member who directly refer new applicants. They also generously give 20% - 35% shares of the sales generated by members genealogy. Absolutely WIN - WIN scenario.


CF-Wellness Unlimited has produced world class health products that are approved by BFAD and HALAL.

8 in 1 Micswell Cafe

Anti-Cancer, Anti-Aging, Immune System Booster, Natural Aphrodisiac
With Agaricus Mushroom, Spirulina, Ginseng and Moringa (Malungai)

Glutamori Herbal Soap

(Glutathione with Moringa and Grapeseed Oil Extract)
A genuine herbal cold-processed whitening soap blended with enzymes that are said to be anti-cancer, and whitens skin!
It controls hyperhydrosis or excessive perspiration, eliminates odor & cures minor skin diseases, blemishes and skin asthma. Prevents pre-mature aging!

GlutaSlim (Gluta Capsule 500mg)

Glutathione is a dietary supplement used as an antioxidant to help protect the body from many diseases and conditions. It is also used to treat infertility (difficulty getting pregnant), cancer, cataracts, and human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). Glutathione is used to detoxify various chemicals from the body.
Other names for Glutathione include: Gamma-glutamylcysteinylglycine and GSH. The strong antioxidant effect of glutathione helps keep cells running smoothly. Bounous and another glutathione expert, Jeremy Appleton, ND, say it also helps the liver remove chemicals that are foreign to the body, such as drugs and pollutants.

CF Unlimited Drops

A combination of Trace Minerals, Virgin coconut oil, Milk butter, lemon herbal plants and Aloe vera. Chosen for their effectiveness in relieving a wide range of conditions.
This product are made from natural ingredients to impart a healthier appearance to the body and heal or protect it rapidly. It is safe to use and free from any side effects.

Chocorella 4-in-1 Health Drink
Pure Chlorella Powder is blended√É‚ here for additional benefits of Chlorophyl, Protein, Vitamins, Minerals and Chlorella Growth Factor!
Is a blend of choco, non-dairy creamer, sugar and Chlorella in just right blend for that winning health drink for everyone!

SuperFood (Spirulina + Chlorella)
Is a natural food supplement which helps in reversing extensive list of maladies.
This product is 100% pure & natural SPIRULINA and CHLORELLA without any additives or binders!

Cee-F Sodium Ascorbate

Cee F (Sodium Ascorbate)capsule powder is a non-acidic form of Vitamin C. Vitamin C has intrinsic antiviral and antibacterial activity though its main effect is improvement in host resistance. Sodium Ascorbate (Vitamin C Powder) beneficial in: General immunity boosting, helping to ward off or prevent colds & flus, assisting the healing of wounds, aiding the body in fighting infection, etc.  

Are you one of these type of people?

1. Tired of working very hard to earn just not enough cash.
2. Tired of doing same old routine on your office.
3. Who seeks another source of income.
4. Still can't find a job.
5. Want to start a business with little capital.
6. Thinks about the future of their family.

Those are just a few to mention.


Finding a job abroad

Truly without any doubt that finding a job abroad is the very first thing in mind when it comes to reaching out your dreams but the consequences are loneliness and sometimes disappointment when recruitment agencies are faking it. For married OFW's, there's always a story of divorce because the other party are secretly cheating while the hard working husband doubles more work to send money to their home. But for people who feared God will always be guided and succeed.

Start their own business

Many Filipinos wanted to have their own business but can't afford to start because of some known factors. One of these factors are because of huge capital or investment and the other one is afraid to take the risk or even to spend a little amount of money. CF-wellness is always intended to help everyone to start their own business with some little investment and risk free. You can start as Sales Associate and sell products right away. Once you become a persistent seller then the company will generously shares their profit for you. Not bad after all.

Make CF-Wellness products your source of extra income.

It is a sad fact that the Philippines minimum wage is not enough to supplement our daily needs for a family that consist 3 or more people. Many are still staring at the moon and stars wishing that someday life will be different. Work hard and work harder yet still we work hard older not younger. Working hard is not a bad thing at all but be sure that your efforts are paid off when you grow old.

Don't rely your family's future in one source of income which is not enough, try to generate another source of income. CF-wellness products can help you generate another extra income with your own time and less effort. And it's not difficult to market since the product are affordable for everyone. Cf-wellness has a well compensation plan for every member and joining is cheaper which includes the product package that you can start selling right away.

If you're financial situation has bombarded you, don't you think it's about time to act or do something to change it? You'll never know how things goes not until you try them. The life of your family depends on you and acting now is very crucial. Don't wait till you run out of option. CF-Wellness can help you and our team will do the very best to help you succeed.

This website will contain all information on building your business, so be sure to bookmark and follow us.

Send us an email at abivabiz-at-gmail.com if you want to learn more or become part of the team.

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